Ongoing Works

These are a list of different ongoing works that I am currently dedicated to while doing online ministry besides keeping this blog posted and up to date. If you are interested in anything that you see feel free to follow the links below to follow and keep up to date with those sites as well:

💡 Please bear with me if you want to check out some of these projects but you notice that the links are not available. I’m kinda self-taught on how to animate and build websites so I can’t finish all of the sites as fast as I want to but I plan on doing so soon! 


  • My Blog [Kwenela Tubbs Blog] — You’re reading it right now or at least I hope you are. This is my personal blog where I write in a more casual and informal manner compared to the writing that I do for my articles and essays that I write my ministry sites. I am already transparent with my videos and podcasts but here I am a lot more relaxed. Hopefully if you like what you see (read) here you may consider signing up to my newsletter: [deSCRIBE] so you don’t miss a post and I plan on sharing a lot of freebies and resources to help improve your quality of life.
  • MindForest Memoirs [Just finishing up on setting this site up and hitting publish soon! 🤓] — This is similar to my personal blog that I have here but instead of a blog my MindForest Memoirs are my digital notes that I have made from studying different interests in my life and is what is becoming popularly called a “Digital Garden”. Besides being based on my current and ongoing interests I publicly publish my notes from my daily devotions and scripture studies as I complete them. Many of my articles that I would write for my [ministry websites] are written from these study notes after going through deliberate studying. I love to study and learn even though I am no longer in college or school. Videos and podcasts that are for my ministries have also more than likely started off in my different studies that you would find in my “MindForest Memoirs”.

I write alot so these are not the only areas that I write and publish online but these areas the first places that I do publish from. Many of my blog posts and articles that I write I plan on publishing to other blogging sites as well so if you are on [Medium] or [Blogger—I don’t know who is these days] and you would like to see my posts in your feed on those sites feel free follow my posts there as well.


  • AOK INKS [Still working on setting this site up] – AOK INKS stands for Art of Kwenela and is my name for my portfolio website for my designs, manga, illustrations, and animations for the Kingdom of God.
  • AOK INKS Animations — Are animations that I make to glorify Jesus Christ and His Bride, The Body of Christ. I also animate my talking avatar cartoon for the [Servant Status YouTube Channel] while giving teaching and edifying content there. Since animation takes the longest to complete these are one of my projects that I work on in the background slowly since it takes the most time to complete an animation, but when I do I won’t hesitate to release them.
  • Artist Take On The Great Commission — This is not so much a project but is a movement that I thought of awhile back to encourage people to use their talents and gifts or art to glorify Jesus and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in the form of art. So when I make artwork of any kind and post it online I try to encourage and remember myself to post a hashtag #ATOTGC or #Artisttakeonthegreatcommission to get other people behind the movement to glorify Jesus through our art.

Ministry/Streaming Sites

  • Servant Status Ministries Website [Just finishing up this site as well as we speak and God willing it should be up soon] — The main website for one of my ministries called Servant Status. I post my teaching and edifying videos and articles on this site.
  • Servant Status Ministries YouTube Channel — [YouTube Channel] — This is the counterpart to the Servant Status Ministries Website where the teaching and edifying videos for Servant Status are posted to YouTube. I post the same videos to other streaming sites as a form of backup and to reach a broader audience and those sites are listed below:
  • [Rumble] – Free alternative to YouTube to view videos. Rumble as of right now is not as serious about taking down or cutting off videos from their platform in the same way that YouTube does.
  • [Internet Archive] – Not only another alternative to YouTube but is also a public archive of most things on the internet that people contribute in case original websites, books, videos, articles, etc. disappears or gets taken off of main public online platforms. I upload my videos here not only for prevention purposes but also in case you want to go download a video for free from there.
  • [Tik Tok] — Yes…tik tok 😒 but I don’t know for how long I will be posting here because who knows how long Tik Tok’s clock is ticking before it gets banned from America 🙏…
  • [Instagram] — Because I post videos for the grammy 😎

Previous Works

  • Caring Caricatures – This was one of the projects that was a nonprofit fundraiser that I had started right at the brink of being called to full time ministry. I would go to different churches and high schools marketing for them to use me and my abilities to draw caricatures of people for any of their events while being at the event. Instead of the organization using the method of a car wash to raise money they would use me to go onsite as I used to draw people as cartoon caricatures in person and they would pay me while the church or high school that I would be at would receive a portion of the proceeds from the caricature commission. And I used to do this while benefiting from free publicity and word of mouth. I only did a few schools and one wedding event before being called to full time ministry so I do not do this anymore and retired the idea.

Retired/Archived Works

This is an area for the different works that I had started or considered doing but I never got around to getting these works or ideas off of the ground because around the time I was working on or started any of them I was being called to ministry and dropped everything to follow Jesus. This is also a list or reference to what I do not & WILL NOT do anymore for those who may ask for requests or commissions from me unless I feel led to do so otherwise.

  • Tattoo Illustrations
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Commissions of cartoons, drawings, or illustrations of people or for people
  • Basically any work where I am working for money or to get paid I do not do anymore.