Author: Kwenela

Curating Content For Christ

This is a message about those who will leave this world and never believe in Jesus

There are so many that do not realize that by not believing in Jesus that they are marrying and are in union with the devil instead of Jesus. This is why they will go to hell with the devil when they believe in him and not in Jesus.

It is because in the afterlife you won’t depart from the one you were married to here on this earth. Believe in Jesus you become His Bride and will be in eternity in heaven with the Bridegroom; believe in the devil you become…his bride for eternity in hell.

Silence is always welcomed

Silence is always welcomed

Over here or over there,A friend who shares or a friend who swears,Whether I get a response or get denied;Silence is always welcomed. Close to silence comes peace.Maybe it’s why death,seems “pleasing” to the restless;But chaos is chosen as their…

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