It is blind faith to believe in yourself and not believe in Jesus

It’s so simple but we as humans make things more complicated than it has to be when we can’t accept things the way God says things are. So then you see when people have to add to what God says which is simple and then they make it complex. God, who knows everything, can say that eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil will cause you to die, people can turn around and say death is not knowing and that feeling “alive” is the pursuit of trying to know everything. And that if you (who doesn’t know everything) choose to be “dumb” and follow God, (again who knows all things), then you are the blind one. Notice how someone who believes this believes in themselves and their definition of what something is, instead of believing in the One who made everything before they came here…the blind one is the one who trusts in themselves and not in the Word of God, which is Jesus.

They do not realize that not following and trusting in God is blind faith in themselves, because unlike God they can’t see into the future, and they don’t know what they would do in every scenario that would be presented to them in life, they don’t know the hearts and thoughts of others while they trust their “gut” about people that makes them feel good while not seeing that someone has an ulterior motive, and they don’t know how long they have on earth to do what they plan to do, all while saying they know who they are and saying that they know what is best for them.

It’s blind faith to focus on your plans that you are not sure you will be able to fulfill tomorrow because you don’t know if you are going to be here tomorrow. But when you believe in yourself blindly as you write down your ambitions and your thoughts as if they will be accomplished in a world that, again, you don’t know will be here tomorrow, that is called blind faith.

Then, people take it a step further and define this form of blindness as “happiness” and “love”. They may make music about it, write and perform movies and shows all about their definitions of things that they believe are true that are far from the truth. They program themselves and let the world program them while blindly accepting what the world tells them is true and not, but they don’t accept what God says.

These types of people may even say that “Christianity” and God are the enemy and are brainwashing you throughout your childhood and they believe this blindly not realizing that Jesus says, His kingdom is not of this world and He allows everyone to desire the truth or a lie. There is no brainwashing there. What is present is preference. And because they blindly believe in themselves and put their trust in man instead of God they believe what man says is God, and what man says is a religion that represents Jesus, all while these “definitions” are in opposition to Him at the same time.

If they stopped practicing blind faith in themselves and others, then they would believe what Jesus says about people and how evil and manipulative the world is and they would be able to see that it is the world that is doing the brainwashing while making it law for children to have to spend more time in school more than they do at home with parents and while making it certain to leave God and the Bible out of schools. You can’t blindly follow the agenda of the world if you are exposed to the truth that exposes the agenda of the world.

Jesus is the Truth and exposes all sin. But people are too focused on the lies of the world that tells them to blindly believe in the lies that state that following Jesus is blind faith. You can’t honestly believe following Jesus Christ comes from brainwashing or blind faith when the world censors Him, teaches a false Jesus, lies about what He says and who He is, and keeps the idea of just saying His name out of schools and colleges…and this is because there is power in the name of Jesus. The world knows this because it listens to the god of this world who is an enemy of God, Satan, but unfortunately, many people do not know this. They know what the world says and not what Jesus, who is not of this world, says. Noooo…the people that are blindly faithful and loyal subjects are the ones who listen to the secondhand and not the first. People go through the grapevine and not the vine to get the source. People listening to another man and not Jesus.

The world does not give you a choice, you are suckered without remedy and they want to get you while you are young. I can speak on this because I was once a part of this world system until I believed in Jesus and He pulled me out of this world. You believe in what the CDC, the FDC, the ABC, Governments, politics, pharmaceuticals, news, and the school systems say blindly when you don’t believe in Jesus who shows you how not everything is not what it seems. According to most people, you have to believe in what is mainstream, or else you are the problem. They want you to get with the program and to not think for yourself to get out of the program. Because thinking is too much. It is too hard when all you have to do is believe what is being told to you and let others and the world be your mind, so that all you have to do is just do while not even fully knowing what you are doing until it is too late or until you hurt yourself and/or end up hurting others.

Jesus gives you His mind to see what He sees from heaven above. He gives you new eyes and a new heart which comes with receiving Him, who is the truth. He even gives you wisdom everflowing so you don’t have to seek knowledge from the worldsince you would be going to the source of knowledge to replenish your thirst. You would always be learning as He nurtures you and provides discernment to you while He teaches and instructs you on how to live Holy. It is so intimate that only you and He can see this, but as Jesus says the world did not receive Him and can not see Him. They are too busy looking through the rose-colored lens of the lies that the world has said are reality. A virtual reality.

Jesus gives you a choice by telling you to believe in Him if you want to never die, have everlasting life, have your sins washed clean, and want to actually be a good person by being Holy as He is Holy by your faith in Him; not as the world defines “holiness” and what it means to be a “good” person. This is not a blind faith, but an intentional one when you believe in Jesus. No one is holding a gun to know one’s head or cutting off their food supply to get you to comply (ahem I’m looking at you…world system). Jesus still feeds you and provides you life, even when or if you don’t want to believe in Him and walk with Him.

This is not the case for the world though, they are in the process of setting up a social credit score for everyone alive and for you to be a part of a one world citizenship that claims to solve world issues such as poverty, food crisis, and disease; but that’s not the true intent. It will be an easier way to take a tally and have a record of everyone in the world to make sure you comply and if you don’t comply then your life will be harder, there will be places you won’t be able to go to, and travel will be difficult to some who don’t get with the program. COVID was a test, and with every “new pathogen or strand is a new test to see how people react. China already, has it set up where the social credit score is seen in action where you won’t be able to buy or sell things, won’t be able to eat, and won’t be able to travel all if you don’t have a good social credit score; in other words; if you don’t comply. Jesus already warns about this centuries ago in the Book of Revelation. When you don’t believe in Jesus and believe in the world instead, you will always be playing catch up; but OH, how could you follow what was written in some book centuries ago, right? How blind could that be? How can someone listen to what man wrote down in the past that sums up the present, instead of listening to what man writes down today who “knows” more than the people from the past while walking in the destructive history that they refuse to learn from? I am being sarcastic here, because if you are ” against” making the world a better place as defined by what people say will make the world a better place, then you are considered the blind one and the threat…to humanity and not them.

It’s blind faith to call what God calls, death, life. To call sickness, happiness, and fulfillment; to call bitter, sweet and sweet, bitter. To call good, evil, and evil, good. This is true blindness. This is blind faith in oneself and the world. And pride while in blindness leads to self-destruction. People do this when they say that they can’t stand hearing about Jesus or when they say that believing in Jesus is blind faith.

They don’t realize that seeing is not believing as the world programs us to think, but seeing only comes from believing in Jesus. Jesus says that when you believe in Him He will cause you to see,” and this is because Jesus came into the world so that the blind may see. The fact that Jesus had to come shows that all of us don’t see things as we think we see things. Jesus is the only Way to see and this is because believing in lies will cause you to be blinded from the truth when your focus is only set on lies. When you believe in Jesus, who says He IS the Truth, then you would see through the lies because your focus would be on the truth and no longer on lies anymore.

Faith, trust, and belief are all synonymous words of each other. And blindness and blind faith come because you trust in yourself and you trust in others; because as stated earlier you can’t see the truth of everyone, of every situation that could happen, and of every scenario and outcome that would happen. So because you and I don’t know everything, if we trusted in ourselves, we would have to trust blindly hoping that we make the right decisions in our daily decision-making.

You can’t know for sure the difference between a lie and the truth until after an experience and even then you have to hope that what you feel is the truth and not a lie. In this faith of believing in yourself or believing in other people, you are still going to be susceptible to error and pain that could have been avoided when you just believe in Jesus who knows all things and who protects us from troubles and pain. Once you take Jesus for His Word and believe what He says and what He teaches and not what people claim He teaches, then you are trusting in someone who knows all things instead of trusting in yourself who is still figuring things out in a self-imposed blindness. Trusting in Jesus is a wise decision, not a blind decision.

Thank you so much for your time

Cover Image Credit:  Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

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