This is a message about those who will leave this world and never believe in Jesus

This is for the MANY who do not believe in Jesus and sadly will never believe…

I didn’t come online to feed you…

Even though you make everything about you in pride because you don’t make everything about God in your heart…

I’m here to feed my Father’s sheep, not you. You “on the other hand” have a different appetite that’s not the Bread of Life.

The truth of God is not received by you because the truth is not what you delight in.

What my Father has told me to say is what He says.

So what you say is irrelevant to me, just as you say that what God says is irrelevant. And I say this because all that He says is supreme.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and was buried in the tomb for three days, but on the third day, He rose from the grave and is now at the Right Hand of my Father in Heaven.

You don’t receive this message which is the power of God, His Gospel; because you delight in lies and cling to them while perishing.

But perishing doesn’t matter to you because you cling to death as you call evil, good…

…you cling to messages of lies which is death and these messages form your death sentence…

Because you are married to them, you cling to them, instead of being Christ’s Bride by being married to the Truth through believing in Jesus alone as Jesus is the Truth.

This is why you shall go where the father of lies goes, for the devil knows his final destination is hell since he too clings to his lies and the truth is not in him.

The truth is also not in you, because you’ll be just like your father, the devil. He rejects Jesus Christ, and so do you.

Rejection is not the same as reception.

Rejecting Jesus, you keep yourself from the wedding reception of Jesus Christ. You will not be in union in eternity with Him because you didn’t believe in Him, and so you will never receive Him.

The devil walks around talking about “his truth” when he speaks lies because he wants to be like the Most High God who is THE Truth.

And look at you repeating what he says, because you align with his lies as well, and call his lies “your truth”.

You rejected THE truth while hating the rejection of man more than hating the rejection of God.

You reject God here on earth despite Him waiting patiently for you to repent and reject evil and sin to believe in His Word, His Son, THE Truth, Jesus Christ.

And so He will reject you when you stand before Him on judgment day because God rejects sin and rejects hearts that delight in sin and evil. He will reject you.

You should be familiar with wedding vows, since you are in union AND communion through communication with the father of lies…

Because you hold onto death…

You took the devil’s hand to have and to hold…

as he walked and “guided” you, having you stumble through the lusts and the darkness of this world and the wilderness with his lies…you continued to hold his hand in commitment to him because you never held Jesus’ Hand and walked with Him in this life.

You became a whore through the guidance of the god of this world and as you whored after many other “gods” through your lusts and while going your own way, my Father was never your first love, and you never returned to Him. He wanted to make you His wife, but you wanted to remain a whore.

In your pride and frustration, you held onto stubbornness, instead of calling out and holding onto the Word of God so that He could show you how He would lead you out of the darkness and lies that you cling to. Just as He does with me.

And so because of this…

you departed from God because you sinned against Him, agreeing to yourself; just as Eve did; in believing that death was pleasurable to the sight and good for food…

you dined with the devil every day dutifully while being departed from God in the death that you are dining in… because you love death…that is your choice fruit.

And this is your judgment.

Til’ death that you will depart from this world

…and IN death you will depart from God who is Life.

So you will remember this message. It is because of your appetite that you won’t inherit the righteousness and the kingdom of God. Because you never took of Christ’s Body and ate as He said.

You loved death and lies more than you loved life and the truth and that is why God will send you away to what you wanted…because He is love He will not force His Will upon you.

He will let you go with the one who you walked with in this life. And since that one was not the Voice of God which is Jesus, but was the voice of a stranger, Jesus will not say to the Father that He knew you, because you were never married to Him to get to know Him.

You never dated and experience the honeymoon on earth with Him, and you never learned about Him while being here on this earth before the reception in Heaven.

No—you missed the wedding, and so you won’t be present at the reception.

You were married to lies and the devil, as he abused you and made you his mistress and a whore. But you delighted in this abuse because you delight in lies.

It was a match made in hell, as the devil taught you how to be a lover of pleasure because he would never teach you to be a lover of God.

The devil wanted you to himself, he didn’t want you to marry Jesus because he never wanted you to know Jesus. He knew that if you knew Jesus you would know God as Jesus says:

“I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father except through ME”.

The devil knows them scriptures and perverts them just enough so that you won’t know Who those scriptures talk about.

So you won’t know Jesus, who those scriptures talk about.

And so my Father in Heaven did not institute divorce, for it was not meant to be so in the beginning.

God started and instituted marriage.

You divorced yourself from God when you sinned against Him and never repented of your sins, so you won’t be married to Him in this life and the life hereafter in heaven.

I say this because marriage vows say,

“till death do you part.”

But in Jesus Christ, when you believe in Him, not only will you be married to Him, but you will never die. So for us who do believe in Jesus Christ, we don’t depart from Jesus when we leave this world and return to the Father, we won’t depart from the Father in heaven, because we will never die.

That’s why believers in Jesus and not a religion of the world, can not go to hell. We are God’s Body through faith in His Son, and we can’t divorce ourselves. We don’t even consider it, while God doesn’t disown Himself, and we are His Body.

As death is not in the presence of God, so death is no longer within us who believe in Him. Jesus is in us and Jesus is Life. Sin is death, but my Father Works and I see Him working in those who believe. I now can “see” my Father’s Hand destroying the sin in my life while teaching me how to walk in His Way…in His Truth…

teaching me how to walk in Life.

But you don’t see because you don’t believe in Jesus, who causes you to see. You don’t want to come to the Light, who is the Light of Men. You love the dark and the works of darkness, so you can never overcome it because you love to be its whore and submit to.

You submit to darkness instead of the Light.

So you will be in God’s presence on judgment day and death will be the only work that you will present to Him, along with a backlog of works that were against Him and against His creation. Those evil works will be showing how much you boasted of your divorce to God.

And so, since He is the Judge who doesn’t agree with divorce, He will not allow you to depart or divorce the one that you were married to in this life which is the devil.

The same devil that is on his way to hell as his days are short on this earth is the hand that you hold on to while shortening your days as well.

This is why you will go to hell because as I stated earlier, that is the final destination for the devil, and you ride and die for him as Jesus says,

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another.”

You lay down your life for the lies of the serpent, instead of laying down your life to pick up your cross and follow Jesus; so in death you will not depart from the devil as you were his bride and as you clung to his lies that was your death sentence.

And it is such a sad thing too because my Father sent His Son Jesus Christ, so that you will be married to His Word instead of the devil’s word.

And He did all of this while at the same time God made hell for the devil and the demons. He didn’t even make hell for people. He made the plan of redemption and the contract and covenant of marriage to Him for people….. but you did not want Him.

So you will not be with Him in eternity because you rejected eternity as your breathing now; but now that I think about it, since you love death, that’s exactly what you wanted to hear.

Cover image credit: Nathan Dumlao

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