The first step is usually the hardest…

Anyone looking to get started on writing a blog but just haven’t started one yet and need a boost!

So I am finally officially starting this blog that I have been trying to get off of the ground going on for 4-5 years now. And you know it is not as bad as I thought it would be…so I am going to see how long I can keep this up, although I am not too concerned about the writing portion of blogging seeing as I write too much as it is 😛.

Before writing this post I would just think that blogging had to demonstrate an expertise in a certain field of study or that blogging had to only be for businesses and companies trying to sell you something and I believe that since I approached blogging with that perspective I was just turned off by the idea in general to blog, because those outlets or reasons for blogging just never interested me. It was not until I realized that blogging is like a form of public journaling that could be whatever you want it to be where I begin to like the idea of blogging and just go with it.

I am scattered amongst so many projects and tasks across the internet and offline while I am working in my Father’s Harvest for His glory that; “because to much is given much is expected”…(Luke 12:48); I think that one of the areas that I have not considered glorifying Jesus Christ could be in something as simple as the transparency of a personal blog. I want to let this blog be a place where I am more relaxed and open in a different way then how I am when I am online and writing, illustrating, or curating content for Christ on other platforms.

So as I am going with the flow of blogging my interests and thoughts (or at least some of them because privy is my preferred name) I want to practice keeping things short and sweet; unlike when I am writing dissertations or articles online where I would naturally write long form content that may be informational, but less interpersonal, and I would like to say that I am more of the latter in terms of preferred communication (which is probably one of the many reasons for why I always HATED texting). I mean in “In the Age of Information” who cares about who knows whatever they think they may know if they do not know how to communicate it to someone…

I just want to log and post without the pressure of having the need to fix grammatical errors and common contextual discrepancies that comes with writing (all praise to Jesus that I am no longer a perfectionist!!!) and just talk about experiences, memories, resources or just about things that I am or have been interested in. I may even talk about my personal systems that I have come up with and my processes of learning along the way in hopes to be able to learn and grow with others. Who knows you may get that aha! moment from my ahem… moments that I may post.

So before I continue rambling on I guess I will let this be my first blog…finally…. so let’s get this conversation started! 🙂

Cover Image Credit: by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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