Silence is always welcomed

Over here or over there,
A friend who shares or a friend who swears,
Whether I get a response or get denied;
Silence is always welcomed.

Close to silence comes peace.
Maybe it’s why death,
seems “pleasing” to the restless;
But chaos is chosen as their necklace,
When silence is not welcomed.

I have her with me now,
Because I received her.
Only joy can compare,
To her serene pleasure.

No person can conceive,
or deliver through any deeds,
What silence can only bring,
When silence is welcomed!

I cherish the stillness of her tone,
Invited the sound of her repose.
She’s always welcomed in my home,
Silence is always welcomed.

It’s peace that she gave to me,
…she never left me.
The world cannot give her to me,
Because silence was not welcomed.

With them,
silence was boring.
To them,
Peace upset their appetite.
Souls became rampant with strife.
Because silence was not welcomed.

So much noise,
That it’s constant.,
With spirits derailed,
by a broken conscience.

For it was the fruit,
Of their demise,
That quenched
their appetite.
So peace was denied.
As silence was not welcomed.

Ignore her if you choose,
But you can’t help but tell,
The sounds and the cries,
Of the anguished that prevail.

Is this even worth it?
I ask;
I do pray tell,
For Hell is never full,
When silence is not welcomed.

Whether here or there,
Through lack of restraint
She was dismissed and never heard.

Not a hint nor a faint,
Her presence far from the disdained;
The world was even made by her Name!
And yet silence was not welcomed.

But I have her because I cherished her,
And she delighted in me.
If any comes to disrupt our affair,
Denied and cut off they will be.

For I won’t live without her!
By her wisdom,
I’m preserved
in His Word.

For He is my Comforter;
In Him I have Life!

Peace was given,
Absent of strife.

In His House I’ll never die,
In His silence that’s always welcome.

By Kwenela Tubbs

~ June 18, 2023

Image credit: Tom Barrett

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