These are the tools that I mostly use for doing the things that I do in my life. Feel free to take a look to see if there is anything that may help you in your life

My Current Tools of the Trade

Writing Tools

Video Editing Tools

  • Apple’s Voice Memos – After trying Otter and Noted I wanted to keep it simple.
  • Descript – If Google docs and a video editor has a baby!
  • Capcut – Because sometimes using my other video editors causes me to play with my tool too much and not finish a video project so this one saves the day. Can also edit video on mobile.
  • DaVinci Resolve – Because I couldn’t let this one go.
  • Lumafusion – Was using this before using capcut mostly to edit videos on my iPad and iPhone on the go.
  • OBS Studio– For recording my desktop screen.
  • Veadotube – The app combined with OBS studio, that literally makes animating my drawings of my cartoon character so much easier!!! 😮‍💨

Illustration/Animation Tools

  • Procreate – Such a clean illustrator app to do simple animations and gifs.
  • Clip Studio Paint – Such a complex illustrator, animation, and manga app…because I need a balance of both worlds.
  • Mental Canvas – I can make illustrations on an infinite canvas in a peculiar style of animating.

Quality of Life Tools

  • – I would use it for organizing my life but after climbing out of the deep productivity rabbit hole of playing digital legos, I just use it to track video and writing production only.
  • – Because I have too many tabs opened 99.99999% of the time.
  • RocketBook – conveniently didn’t know about this while in school or college when it was more necessary but trying to cut back on my paper waste with analog writing. Also use this to quickly and easily scan and send what I need to keep to my google drive.
  • Google Drive – Oh google have I tried to leave your ecosystem but just can’t here.
  • Feedbin – Because I am tired of being distracted by algorithms on YouTube and want to stay posted on my favorite videos channels, newsletters, and articles or blogs to read later without distractions and intentionally doing so in my leisure time. Used to use Read-wise Reader.
  • Omnivore – Personal and FREE RSS reader and place to save anything I want to read for later.
  • Quick Capture: Fast Notes – Apple only but I can text, talk, and send what I say to whatever app I need to. Great for my aha moments.
  • Protonmail – Because a free, encrypted, secure, no marketing and spam in my email like gmail email client sounded too good to pass up.
  • Tutanota – Another secure email I use mainly for replies to posts, emails, and responses for my ministries.

Backup Tools

It’s always good to have more than one because I am paranoid like that…still considering getting a NAS though 🤔 but my wallet is saying Nahhh

For anyone that is serious about not losing their work I would highly recommend looking into other ways to back your work up other than a ☁️cloud☁️ alone because I can’t begin to tell you about the countless stories I have heard about people losing life’s work with Google Drive, Adobe Cloud, and yes even iCloud Drive (which if I didn’t have my notes backed up I would have lost over 4,000 notes I had been studying and taking over the last 6 years from files randomly disappearing on my iCloud Drive!!!) So not trying to scare you but it is something to think about.